Do you think there are enough volunteer snow shovelers in Syracuse to take care of the sidewalks in front of all the abandoned homes, vacant lots, and absentee landlord held properties? I guarantee you there is not. How about enough neighbors to help the elderly, poor, and sick on your street? Probably not in some of the more disenfranchised and economically segregated neighborhoods. If, like me, you want to see a different plan for our city, a step forward and an initiative to say we are the snowiest city in America, and we can take care of our residents, keep children safe walking to school, and make for a city that thrives in Winter and not just survives, then sign up to be kept in the loop of upcoming proposed legislative changes and strategic planning for municipal sidewalk snow management implementation.
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We should maintain and clear our sidewalks of snow just like we do for our roadways. ~ Frank Cetera"

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